Friday, February 3, 2017

Off to a Good Start

Someday I am going to print out a book for each year I have blogged!
This March makes 9 years.

Today I took this sweet picture of my hens eggs. LOVE.
I need to make cards out of this picture.

February is here, and I am off to a good start!
Below is a bowlful of my favorite buttons.
Do you spy a little "Scottie dog"?

This sweet lavender sachet I have in my little trailer.
Is so reminds me of my darling Grandmother Sadie who was a true~blue farmgirl from Missouri.

I carry her farmgirl love in my heart!  
A little crocheted hen I have in my hen house.
A sweet reminder to enjoy the simple things.
Hubby made me a screen door for the coop. 
I love it!

He wanted to know if I wanted the wood painted white,
but I decided to let nature take care of the finishing touches!
I finally got my quilt hung up that should have been done 3 years ago!
The pattern of the quilt 
is called "Fenced Flowers"
by Lori Holt @ Bee in my Bonnet.

It brightens my sewing room!
So far I have had a busy week creating.
Below I gifted dear friend Janine @ Girl Camper with these!

She will be adding them to her darling camper.
Potholder, pincushion, dishclothes and a set of gift cards.
Fun, fun!
I made a few sets of diaper burp pads and donated them to my ward Relief Society.
They are to be given out when new babies arrive!

A fast & easy project.
As written in my bio, I am a barefoot, apron & legging wearing …
wife, mama, grandma, etc.

My daughter Heidi sales LulaRoe,
so that will tell you right there, I have a closetful of colorful & happy things!
I have my family room mantle ready for Presidents Day!
I am thinking I may keep it like this for quite a while.

Home, Sweet, Home. 



Your photos are card worthy for sure! I think this is my 9th year too! SO many changes since I first started blogging. The quilt is lovely.

NanaDiana said...

I just LOVE coming here, MaryJane! You always have the most wonderful, interesting posts about wht you are doing. You really do need to make that first picture into a postcard.
You had a Gramma Sadie and I had a Gramma Stella (also a farmgirl) and she was an herbalist and sewer and I sure wish I knew more of her stories--but she is long gone.
Your quilt looks great, too.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoDiana

Angela said...

Hi Mary Jane, Could you please tell the brand of yarn you use? Just love the bright colors! Thank you!

Angela said...

And could I ask who the adorable quilt pattern is by? Thank you!

racheld said...

What a delightful first peek into your blog! i ventured in from Bernideen's lovely site, and am captivated and charmed by so many of your subjects in just this one post. The little Scottie first caught my attention, for in dusting some high shelves yesterday, I found my pair of little magnetic ones hiding in a sweet smalll sugar-bowl. I'd broken one of the magnets, so they cannot play as they used to, but a bit of glue today, and away they'll romp across the glass tablettop.

And the absolutely adorable camper accoutrements you've created for your friend (off to see her blog, as well, in a moment, for the idea of those perfectly furnished wee places, with everything to size and easy to hand---I'm carrying on a love affair with every episode of anything concerning a TINY HOUSE on TV). Plus, I've just attained the PINK kitchen of my girlie dreams, and am so interested in the comfortable arranging of things.

Just wanted to say hello and that I'm joining your group. Looking forward to all our posts, and to delving into your lovely archives.

rachel @ LAWN TEA

Little Quiltsong said...

Such beautiful pics and stories. Love all of your projects. I will have to get some of your washcloths - my daughter-in-law loves those!

Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Wonderful post and fantastic update. Doesn't a bowl full of buttons just make you all happy inside. Same with all that beautiful fabric!

christine reynolds said...

I look forward to every single blog post you write! I smile when my email inbox tells me you have a new blog post.


Tins and Treasures said...

Greetings, Maryjane,
I always enjoy visiting your blog...all your photos are so colorful and cheerful! I especially like your eggs. They are perfect.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Take care, ~Natalie

Laura Lane said...

A delightful post! I love the idea of printing out your blog year by year. I should do that too. I've been bloggings since Dec. 2007.
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage

Jean Tuthill said...

I love all your projects and look forward to your posts. Love the sachet of your Gram. Your blog is always a delight.

Connie the Cootiebug said...

Hi - I just found (again) your blog and I love, love, love it! I am a new Follower but I think I've read your blog in the past. I started my first blog in Jan.2007 but after a few years I moved to a new one which got hacked and stolen from me. For a while I wasn't blogging and tried it on and off but FINALLY now I'm back to stay as far as I'm concerned. I love blogging more than FB actually. I just wanted to comment and say hello and tell you that I'm so happy to have found you again.
Connie the Cootie Bug blogger