Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Like Grandma Sadie

It seems a lot that I do in my life,
mirrors my Grandmother Sadie's life.
She was a true~blue farm girl and I loved
everything she did when growing up.

Her favorite song was AMAZING GRACE and it has become my favorite too.
I have a music box that I play in my car.
I play it all the time when driving.

Grandma Sadie taught me at her knee, and
introduced me to Jesus.
I can hear her saying …
"Maryjane, say Thank You Jesus!"
I am grateful for her sweet teachings
that are a part of me in my daily walk.
Recently hubby and I had a 8 ft. custom~made farm-table made.
It seats 10~12 people.

Can't wait to have Easter family dinner on it!
We bought these huge & heavy Lazy Susan's made out of a wine barrel!
Family dinners won't be the same!!! 

Cleaned out the chicken coop today and tomorrow the chicken run!
Miss Sadie loves her clean digs!
Yes, she is named after Grandma Sadie!
On a sad note, our sweet hen Daisy passed a couple days ago.
Sigh … I am truly missing this sweet gal.
Never knew one could love a chicken as I do her.

I am preparing for some new chicks this week.
Look at this darling Raggedy Ann!
Her name is Sue Bea.
She over~sees my daily activities in my sewing room each day!
My friend Deb at Wildoberry Farms created her.
I made a little crocheted blanket for my little 4 lb. Sammie dog.
Grandma Sadie loved to crochet too!
I have been busy making these Easter cards! 
Gotta love vintage style!
Recently I refilled the pantry with "cookies in a jar".
Easy to make, and perfect to bake up when family or friends drop by!
Of course I had to make a batch right then!
The purse cookie jar reminds me to Grandma Sadie too!
Her favorite color was yellow.

RECIPES to make several COOKIES in a JAR are
So proud of this handsome Grandson Mark!
He will be leaving soon to serve the Lord with a 2 year mission to
Lima, Peru!
How blessed he is to serve in Peru and the people with love him!
We sure do!
Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Have a blessed day!
(eggs provided by Daisy & Sadie)


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

What a wonderful update. The table is beautiful and so much soul and heart goes into this by the craftsman. It appears that the grain has a bit of burl or wave to it which gives it a more unique and rare look.

Cookie purse! I haven't seen a cookie jar like that in ages. Oh and perhaps... begging... can you put the recipe for the cookies in a jar in the next issue of the magazine or on Farmgirl Sisterhood connections?

Great post. Sorry about your sweet chicken. And much blessings toward the young man and his mission work.

vivian said...

YOu have a sweet blog! Lucky to have such sweet memories of your grandmother. I had an awesome grandma too. Imiss her!
have a wonderful weekend!

Little Quiltsong said...

Loved your post - and the story about your Grandma Sadie!! Beautiful table and Lazy Susan's - it will make Easter extra special! Such a unique cookie jar - love it and all the beautiful projects and pics. Someday I too will get to my mason jar cookie mixes and hand them out as gifts. I've wanted to do that for a long time :)!

NanaDiana said...

Oh, Maryjane--What a beautiful post and tribute to your Grandmother. Your grandson is VERY handsome, too.
I don't know it you have ever heard this version of Amazing Grace but it is one I play over and over again. Here is the link- I hope it works.

Have a great weekend- xo Diana

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

What Lovely memories of your Grandma Sadie ! .. Your new farm table is beautiful .. crushing on the wine barrel lazy susans .. and wow that Grandson of yours sure has grown up .. I bet they will appreciate his love for Jesus in Peru .. So good to come read your blog it's been so long !

Hugs from a friend in MO

Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

I enjoyed reading about your Grandma Sadie. I have always held those precious memories with my Grandmas close to my heart, but something about as I get older... they are even more dear to me.

Love your new table! I've always wanted a long rectangle farmhouse table. Your lazy susans are so neat and purposeful too. More precious memories to be made here in a few weeks at Easter time, enjoy!

Congratulations to your family, may God use Mark in a powerful way! Have a relaxing rest of your Sunday~

CherylK said...

I would love to know where you found the dishtowels. I think doing dishes and being reminded "Great is Thy Faithfulness" would be a blessing, especially when I'm grumpy about chores!

Christine said...


I need you to come to the east coast and give me ideas on decorating! I LOVE your style....andmy ideas have run out!


Windy Meadows Farm said...

Just found your blog through did I miss you?! I'm Mary, sister #7193...Windy Meadows Farm, and I'm looking forward to reading your past posts and catching up on what I've missed! I'm a bee-keeper, goat-wrangler, chicken chasing, mom and lds blogger working to make our farm a bit of good, old-fashioned Mayberry! So glad to have found you!

Pam said...

I look forward to reading more!

Karen L. Bates said...

Hope all is well with you and yours. Missing you. I am not posting much either.

Debbie Anderson said...

It's been so long since I've had a chance to visit my favorite blogs and Yours is as charming as ever! I am so jealous of your chicken coup! How cute is that? Enjoyed my visit here today!

Helen said...

I always enjoy my visits to your blog, and come away inspired. I've been missing you. Hope all is okay.