Our Home

Here you will find a melting pot
of goodness from Our Home!
From entertaining, decorating, to tips & ideas!

A Summertime Luncheon!
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Daughter Heidi's Baby Shower!
Soooo many ideas! 
 Such a fun day!
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In the kitchen with Lavender & Lilac!
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My First Peonies!
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  Hot Chocolate Bar!
Our family loves this!
Free printables too.
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Hankie Garland!
For Mother's Day or Springtime
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Our Sweetie~Pies Samantha & Charlie!
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 Christmas Mantel 
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 Thanksgiving for 19!
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My Sweet Mother~Grandmother Tree
Very Sentimental
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 Painted an old buffet table to use as a TV stand!
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 Our Front Porch
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 Outdoor Living
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 New Farm~Style Sink
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frogzqueen said...

Such a sweet home. I adore your green & pinks!

sharon oler said...

Very pretty, thank you for sharing your home!