Here you will find my fun adventures traveling, 
to kicking back & enjoying my trailer in the yard!
I bought my sweet little 13 foot 
vintage trailer about 10 years ago.
I named "her" ButtonWillow!

Come join me for a ride! 

A fun adventure at the Kern River, CA!
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Selling My Wares At Marketplaces!
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The newest look!
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My Granddaughter Hailey's Birthday Party!
I towed my trailer to her house!
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DECK THE HALLS ~ in my little trailer!
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A True Blue Cowgirl Trailer!
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 Yes, I sleep on a FEATHER BED in my little trailer!
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 Changes for the Trailer!
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 R & R in My Trailer!
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Grandson Asher in Grandma's Trailer!
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Common Sense Chick said...

You are THE coolest chick EVER!!!! I hope to meet, on the road, 'trailering' someday...I would be SO honored!

Thank you for all your posts and the beauty that you bring to the world and, especially, to our 'Creative' lives!

Little Farmstead said...

OMGoodness! I LOVE your trailer! I also love that you decorate it for Christmas and take it to your grandchildren's parties. I look forward to coming back and reading more of your wonderful posts about your chickens... I've got a feeling I can learn a thing or two from you! ;) So glad you stopped by Little Farmstead so that I could find you! Blessings, ~julie P.S. Happy 4th!!

Quadira S. said...

Hello, Maryjane,

Oh, WOW! I just stumbled across your blog when looking up crafts for egg cartons–someone had made a list with a link to your egg carton sewing kit. I love your trailer, too, how sweet! I got inspired to use one for my art studio! I have a tiny home that is not really big enough to hold everything. Trouble is, I have no place to park a trailer–yet. I'll be relocating next year, so I'll keep a trailer in mind in case.

Thanks for an inviting blog! I invite you to visit my Etsy shop,

Blessings, Quadira